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Proven in many countries - satisfied customers

The AQUABION has been successfully used for more than 15 years for example in Germany, England and France, is patented and nationally and internationally certified. (e.g., ÖVGW PW100, TÜV NORD M41 / 07, GS, KTW, DVGW W270 Drinking Water Ordinance, DGS / SD7A 2002, OHT, WRAS).

A variety of well-known users in the industrial sector, such as Siemens, Atomic or Procter & Gamble, as well as many customers in private households or hotels are convinced of the quality of the product.

Residential building and hotel business

Helmut Platzer, owner Hotel Bayrischer Hof

“With AQUABION there are no more problems with limescale and rust in our water pipes. And our customers can continue to drink good water. It couldn’t be better!”

Manfred Brandauer, Managing Director Kommunal Service Salzburg Wohnbau

“Unbelievable how well the AQUABION works. To be honest, I was very skeptical at the beginning, but the result completely convinced me. We not only save a lot of money, we also increase our customer satisfaction.”

Jörg Rigger, Managing Director Wohnbau 2000

“We are using AQUABION for almost 2 years. We are very satisfied with the system and I highly recommend the AQUABION as an effective limescale and rust prevention system for water pipes.”

Peter Seiringer, Managing Director Julius Raab student home

“With the installation of the AQUABION, we have finally solved the problem with rusty water and also save on costs for salt and water  – because the water consumption has fallen. It’s also amazing that due to the AQUABION the water pressure on the upper floors has risen!”

Business & Industry

Dipl.- Ing. Herbert Schlossnikl, Managing Director Vöslauer

“For us the smooth operation of the facilities and best quality is absolutely important, unplanned breakdowns must be avoided. The AQUABION®  absolutely convinced us with its efficient outcome, low costs and maintenance-free operation.”

Gerhard Frank, Managing Director GEBOL, Asten / Linz

“Our company building has been equipped with the AQUABION limescale protection system since 2015. Since then, we no longer have any lime problems and are fully satisfied with the AQUABION.I can only recommend the system from Rabmer to the utmost!”

Thomas Kahlen, Procter & Gamble Manufacturing

“The installation was a complete success that not only extended the life of the rolls but also significantly reduced the maintenance cost of the roll.”

Robert Brandner, Operations Manager BÄKO Linz

“With AQUABION we were able to solve our corrosion and limescale problems to our full satisfaction within a short time!”

Dr. D. Thomsik-Schröpfer, Siemens AG

“For years we have installed approx. 450 pcs. AQUABION for protection against limescale and rust in our water-cooled nuclear spin tomographs. We are very satisfied you’re your products and service.”

Ing. R. Quehenberger, Atomic

“We had problems with “brown” water in our house, over the past few years, because of rust deposits in the hot water pipes. After installing these systems in our hot water main lines, we have no “brown water” anymore. We can only recommend the installation of AQUABION.”

Private households

Dr. Werner Hagmayr, Family house Wolfern

“We have installed the AQUABION limescale protection since 2016 and are completely satisfied, since then we no longer have a lime problem and continue to enjoy the good tasting water.”

Helmut G, entrepreneur St. Veit am Vogau

“We had big problems with corrosion and a metallic taste of our drinking water. Thanks to AQUABION, we were able to solve this problem in just one month. We are very excited!”

Harald S, one-family house Bad Pirawath

“We were looking for a solution to our limescale problems. We don’t wanted to use salt, because we want to drink the water as well. Due to good references, we chose AQUABION. Our own experiments (boiling water in black enamelware with or without AQUABION) completely convinced us.”

Laurenz P, entrepreneur Grieskirchen

“Thanks to AQUABION, we no longer have a problem with limescale for more than a year. I’m very satisfied with the system and can highly recommend it.”

Sabine S, single-family house Leonding

“We had a lot of limescale problems with home appliances and while cleaning in the past. With the AQUABION, our plumber has installed a very well functioning system, which we gladly recommend.”

Peter P, one-family house Wels

“In 2015, we replaced our salt decalcification system with AQUABION. The lime can now be easily removed with a cloth and above all: the water tastes really good again! We are 100% satisfied with the AQUABION.”


AQUABION in a family house

AQUABION in a multi-party house

AQUABION in a student home