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AQUABION - protects your house from limescale and corrosion

Limescale and corrosion are the pipe enemy number 1 for each apartment or house.

You want to avoid limescale or corrosion? Are you looking for an environmentally friendly and cost-effective protection for your pipelines? You want drinking water with good taste and quality? Then AQUABION is the best solution for you. Based on our patented zinc sacrificial anode technology, AQUABION is used by more than 500,000 users throughout Europe.

The problem - limescale and corrosion

In many parts of Europe there is a lot of calcareous water. What is healthy for our body leads to great problems in the pipes and in the household. Calcified shower heads, shower walls and domestic appliances are the result. In addition, corrosion problems can occur, especially with old, metallic pipelines. In extreme cases, brown, rusty water comes out from the pipes.

Conventional decalcification systems solve the lime problem but they have many disadvantages, such as poorly tasting water, high maintenance and operating costs. You can’t solve the rust problem – on the contrary, decalcified water can have an aggressive effect on pipes and fittings.

Hände mit Rostrohren befallen von Kalk und Korrosion

The solution - AQUABION, the proven alternative to the conventional salt-system

With the certified and reliable AQUABION technology, according to the galvanic principle, rust and limescale are no problem anymore.

  • Protecting your home appliances and sanitary facilities from calcification
  • Prevents corrosion and rust
  • Important minerals such as calcium and magnesium are retained in the drinking water
  • Good tasting drinking water
  • Ready for use immediately after installation and maintenance-free
  • 100% environmentally friendly
  • Lowers your energy and maintenance costs

AQUABION - quick and easy to install

The AQUABION is installed at the main cold water pipe after the water-meter and any existing filter system.

  • The installation is done by a professional plumber
  • Installation time around 1-2 hours
  • Ready for use immediately

After 6-8 years the device has to be replaced. Against return of the old device, which becomes 100% recycled, just half of the price has to be paid.

Einbauschema Aquabion nach dem Wasserzähler

AQUABION Mini D - The small limescale protection system with great effect for the shower

The ideal solution for homeowners or tenants to protect their shower from limescale!

  • prevents obstinately limescale on the shower head and surfaces
  • perfect shower jet, as the nozzles no longer calcify
  • quick and easy cleaning of fittings, tiles or shower walls without the use of chemical cleaning agents
  • quick installation
  • suitable for all common shower fittings

User reviews

Bild von Helmut G, Entrepreneur St. Veit am Vogau

“We had big problems with corrosion and a metallic taste of our drinking water. Thanks to AQUABION, we were able to solve this problem in just 1 month. We are very excited!”

Helmut G, Entrepreneur St. Veit am Vogau

Bild von Sabine S, single-family house Leonding

“We’ve had a lot of lime problems with home appliances and when cleaning in the past. With the AQUABION our plumber has installed a very well functioning system, which we gladly recommend.”

Sabine S, single-family house Leonding

Bild von Laurenz P, Entrepreneur Grieskirchen

“Thanks to AQUABION we have no longer a problem with limescale for more than a year. I’m very satisfied with the system and I can highly recommend it.”

Laurenz P, Entrepreneur Grieskirchen

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