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Portomar Apartments, Mallorca

Offering guests a temporary home with high-quality comfort, a lot of attention to detail, a picturesque backdrop and Mallorcan hospitality – this is what characterises holidays in the Portomar Apartments in Portocolm (Mallorca). However, the calciferous water prevalent in the region repeatedly caused problems in the complex, such as unsightly limescale stains on the fittings and limescale deposits in the pipes. The team from our specialist installation partner Aquateam balear got the optimal solution: AQUABION.

After the installation of our limescale and corrosion protection in the main water pipe, the limescale problem is completely solved and the fittings can also be easily cleaned without the use of chemicals. The hotel management is pleased: “We are very satisfied with the AQUABION limescale and corrosion protection from the Rabmer Group. Our fittings shine again, the cleaning and cost effort is lower and nothing stands in the way of our guests having extensive showering pleasure in clean showers. In the long term, this protects the piping system and saves us expensive maintenance and repair costs”.

With the proven limescale and corrosion protection system AQUABION, Rabmer offers the solution against limescale deposits and corrosion damage completely without the use of chemicals, salt or electricity; moreover, the system is maintenance-free. The AQUABION does not decalcify the water, but prevents the limescale from adhering – the water hardness is thus stabilised in a natural way.

Good reasons for using AQUABION in hotels:

  • Pipe damage is prevented
  • The flow rate of old, calcified pipes is increased
  • Household appliances, fittings and/or industrial plants are protected
  • The natural drinking water quality and thus the good taste is preserved
  • Energy is saved

You can find more information at: www.aquabion.at