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Hans-Peter Bramauer, Bio-Bauer in Södingberg, Steiermark

“The hard water in our region and the resulting lime deposits are not only a problem for us, but also for the pipes, household appliances and the animals. The deposits on the drinking troughs always had to be removed, which was time-consuming, so that no bacteria that could make the animals ill collect. Since the installation of the environmentally friendly Aquabion, the cleaning effort of the systems has been reduced significantly and the animals drink natural water and stay healthy,” says organic farmer Hans-Peter Bramauer

Limescale deposits from hard water not only cause unsightly stains in the bathroom, but also lead to various problems in agriculture – also in Styria, where the optimal and above all environmentally and animal-friendly solution was found on a turkey farm in Södingberg with the Aquabion became.

The starting point:
The water hardness indicates the calcium and magnesium content in the water. The biggest problem is the deposit these minerals cause. Because these can reduce the volume of the lines and affect the nipple drinkers of the animals. This was exactly the case at the turkey farm in Södingberg: Due to the hard water (approx. 18° dH), clear limescale deposits were already noticeable on the new drinkers after 2-3 weeks, which promote the formation of germs and bacteria and, in the worst case, the animals can make you sick. Turkeys typically consume twice as much water as feed. That is why it is important to provide clean and healthy water. Not only does water provide important nutrients, it also influences virtually every physiological function in the animal’s body. However, the use of decalcification systems is not possible, since decalcified water damages the turkeys and causes health problems in the animals. Furthermore, organic farmers do not use any antibiotics in their food or drinkers, i.e. they have to clean the drinking systems or drinking sticks regularly and remove the limescale deposits at great expense. This is time-consuming and expensive.

The solution:
In August 2021, an Aquabion AB-H25 was installed in the central cold water line that supplies the stables and the house. The customer then observed whether and how quickly limescale deposits formed again on the drinkers. After 1 month of operation, the bars of the drinking system were completely free of deposits, even after 2 months there were still no significant deposits to be found. The cleaning effort could be greatly reduced by installing the Auqabion, which saves both working time and costs, but also significantly reduced the risk of germs and the resulting diseases in the turkey house. A positive side effect: Limescale deposits can also be wiped off extremely easily in the home, the cleaning effort is reduced and the household appliances and pipes are protected.


With the proven limescale and corrosion protection system AQUABION, Rabmer offers the solution against limescale deposits and corrosion damage without the use of chemicals, salt or electricity, and the system is also maintenance-free. The AQUABION does not descale the water, but prevents the lime from sticking – the water hardness is thus stabilized naturally.