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AQUABION corrosion- and limescale protection - maintenance-free - without use of chemicals

Limescale and corrosion are the number one pipe enemies.

You want to avoid limescale or corrosion in your drinking water or cooling water system? Are you looking for an environmentally friendly and cost-effective protection system for your pipelines? Ideally maintenance-free with reliable, well proven function? Then AQUABION is the perfect solution for you. Based on our patented zinc sacrificial anode technology, AQUABION is now used by more than 500,000 users throughout Europe.

The problem - limescale and corrosion

Limescale and corrosion in pipes can cause pipe bursts and pressure drops. The necessary maintenance and cleaning of heat exchangers, pumps or production plants causes time and costs, in extreme cases a new investment is necessary. Furthermore, there are increased energy costs, e.g. for hot water preparation or pumping.

In addition, there are often corrosion and hygiene problems in the line inventory and the connected peripherals.

The use of conventional descaling systems (ion exchangers) and chemical dosing systems to solve these problems is expensive and maintenance intensive.

Rohre befallen von Kalk und Korrosion

The solution - AQUABION zinc sacrificial anode technology

With the certified, tested and effective technology there is no limescale and rust anymore.

  • Protection of pipelines, heat exchangers, pumps, etc.
  • Without the use of chemicals, salt, magnets or electricity
  • Protects efficiently against limescale
  • Increases the flow rate
  • Stops inside-corrosion within a few weeks
  • Maintenance-free

This is how AQUABION works

The functioning of the AQUABION is based on the galvanic principle in conjunction with a zinc sacrificial anode. The formation of a galvanic element releases zinc ions in the aquabion, which form seed crystals with dissolved carbon dioxide in the circulating water. Lime accumulates on them, resulting in significantly larger calcium crystals.

Thus, calcites, which are responsible for lime residues in pipelines, become converted into Aragonite. The size and needle-like structure of the Aragonite causes the lime to become neutral to adhesion and it removes already existing limecales and rust. In addition, a passivating protective layer is formed on the inner side of the pipe, which effectively prevents corrosion.

For drinking water quality, an average service life of 6-8 years is assumed, depending on the water quality (pH value, hardness, etc.) and the flow rate. The replacement unit is available at a 50% discount on return of the old unit to Rabmer, which becomes fully recycled.

Aquabion Wirkprinzip Neu Transparent mit chemischer Beschreibung

Patented, scientifically proven and certified

Patent No. 1636139

  • University of Johannesburg (SA) / Prof. Coetzee, “Scale reduction … by Zn … in physics. Water treatment “
  • University of Marburg (SI) / M. Simonic, “Influence of an electrogalvanic system on the precipitation of lime”
  • Cranfield Univ. (UK) / J. Mac Adam, “Calcium Carbonate Scale Formation and Control”
  • IWW (DE) / Dr. Schulte, “Investigation of the influence of AQUABION … on biofilm formation” (German)
  • Drinking water licenses OFI-Cert, TÜV Nord (according to DVGW), WRAS, ACS
  • TÜV Nord type tested
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AQUABION available in different sizes

AB-H25 AB-H32 AB-H40 AB-H50 AB-F50 AB-F65 AB-F80 AB-F100 AB-F125 AB-F150 AB-F200 AB-F250
Cold water: ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔
Hot water: ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔
Diameter (mm): 25 32 40 50 90 100 125 150 190 220 275 335
Nominal flow rate (m³/h): 5 7 11 20 20 30 40 60 80 120 180 330
Length (mm): 300 330 360 390 445 445 445 445 445 445 445 445
Flange diameter (mm): - - - - 165 185 200 220 250 285 340 395
Screw connection (inch): 1 1 1/4 1 1/2 2 - - - - - - - -
Body diameter (mm): 57 65 70 80 100 110 135 160 200 240 295 360
Bolt circle (mm): - - - - 125 145 160 180 210 240 295 350
Net weight (kg): 3.8 5.1 6.0 7.9 16.9 19.3 23.8 27.3 42.4 67.6 100 158.2

User reviews

Bild von Dr. D. Thomsik-Schröpfer, Siemens AG

For years we have installed approx. 450 pcs. AQUABION for protection against limescale and rust in our water-cooled nuclear spin tomographs. We are very satisfied with your products and service

Dr. D. Thomsik-Schröpfer, Siemens AG

Bild von R. Brandner, Operation Manager BÄKO Linz

With AQUABION we were able to solve our corrosion and lime problems to our complete satisfaction!

R. Brandner, Operation Manager BÄKO Linz

Bild von H. Platzer, owner Hotel Bayrischer Hof

With AQUABION there are no more problems with limescale and rust in our water pipes. And our customers can continue drinking good water. It couldn’t be better!

H. Platzer, owner Hotel Bayrischer Hof

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