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AQUABION - Frequently Asked Questions

What does the AQUABION do?
How does the AQUABION work?
How does the AQUABION react to corrosion?
How does the AQUABION protect against tube calcification?
How do I save energy with AQUABION?
How do I save money and time in comparison to conventional descaling systems (salt systems)?
What is the lifetime of a zinc sacrificial anode?
Does AQUABION reduce the lime content?
How can I determine and test the effect of AQUABION?
Can or should the AQUABION also be used on plastic or copper pipes?
Is the dissolved zinc harmful?
How does AQUABION affect household appliances?
Why are more and more apartment cooperatives using AQUABION?
How much does the AQUABION limescale and corrosion protection cost?
Where can I get the AQUABION?
Where is the AQUABION installed?
Does AQUABION protect against Legionella?

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