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AQUABION® - The environmentally friendly limescale protection with satisfaction guarantee!

Reliably protects pipes, fittings, household appliances and production facilities from limescale and rust without the use of chemicals, electricity or magnets while maintaining the natural drinking water quality. A system for private households, residential buildings, industry and commerce that has been tried and tested for over 15 years. More than 500,000 AQUABIONs sold throughout Europe are proof of the product’s quality. Our limescale protection is available for a single-family house at a very uncomplicated all-inclusive price, including a money-back guarantee!

What are the benefits of AQUABION?

Hakerl als Aufzählungszeichen

You protect your household appliances and equipment

Hakerl als Aufzählungszeichen

You significantly reduce your cleaning effort

Hakerl als Aufzählungszeichen

You drink good tasting, healthy water

Hakerl als Aufzählungszeichen

You improve the hygiene in your pipelines

Hakerl als Aufzählungszeichen

You save energy

Hakerl als Aufzählungszeichen

You save money and time compared to conventional decalcification systems

How does AQUABION work?

AQUABION is particularly effective and environmentally friendly due to its tested and proven zinc sacrificial anode technology. Zinc ions are released into the water, which form seed crystals and thus actively change the molecular structure of the limescale. This makes the limescale neutral in terms of adhesion!

Hakerl als Aufzählungszeichen

Without salt, chemistry, electricity and without magnets

Hakerl als Aufzählungszeichen

No maintenance required

Hakerl als Aufzählungszeichen

Package price from € 1.750,- with money-back guarantee

Hakerl als Aufzählungszeichen

Replacement of the unit after 6-8 years at half price

Renowned references - Our satisfaction guarantee

The RABMER Group has guaranteed reliability for decades and stands for Austrian quality. We are 100% convinced of our AQUABION® and its unique advantages. We are happy to pass this on to you. Our satisfaction guarantee guarantees you a full refund. More than 500,000 AQUABION® customers across Europe are testimony to the quality of the product.

Hans-Peter Bramauer, organic farmer in Södingberg, Styria

“The hard water in our region and the resulting lime deposits are not only a problem for us, but also for the pipes, household appliances and the animals. The deposits on the drinking troughs always had to be removed, which was time-consuming, so that no bacteria that could make the animals ill collect.”

Dr. Werner Hagmayr, Family house Wolfern

“We have installed the AQUABION limescale protection since 2016 and are completely satisfied, since then we no longer have a lime problem and continue to enjoy the good tasting water.”

Ing. Thomas Bründl, CEO Starlim Spritzguss GmbH, Marchtrenk

“We were looking for an efficient, environmentally friendly and maintenance-free limescale protection system – the AQUABION® fulfills these requirements to our fullest satisfaction in all areas in which it is used by us. We will continue to rely on this Rabmer Group system for future projects!”

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Carefree limescale protection for natural water quality

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